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office at:  310-310-0138
We have worked with Miranda for many years with our
boys, 2 Mayne Coon cats.  We recently started low
frequency laser treatments at our holistic vet with
Miranda on the phone long distance, (she in California
while we are with our veterinarian in her clinic in New
Mexico), during those sessions.

Miranda's insights as she 'sees' what is happening with
the frequencies being administered, has been priceless.  
We are making increadible progress using her insights.  
Our boys, who have had many health problems since
they were just kittens, are not 8 years old.  We never
expected them to be with us this long.  It has been
through the combined, constant work with our
wonderful veterinarian and Miranda they they are now
healthier than they ever have been.  We are so grateful!

We highly recommend Miranda, she has insight into the
physical, as well as the emotional well-being of her

Thank you so much, Miranda!         Jim & Jo G.