Miranda Alcott is an Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI) specializing
in Inner Sight and Animal Communication, and is the creator of
HarmoinousListening™. She is a pioneer, founder and innovative
groundbreaker of these new fields and techniques. As such, she is
a highly sought after consultant by veterinarians nationally and
internationally: providing information throughout the initial
consultation; monitoring on-going treatments; and giving
feedback during actual treatments.

Miranda was a certified Crisis Responder and Instructor/Trainer
for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), as
well as a member of NOVA’s Response Team. She was also an
Instructor/Trainer of Emergency First Aid and CPR for Pets for the
American Red Cross. Through her teaching for NOVA, Miranda
was personally asked to assist at Columbine High School and the
World Trade Center at Ground Zero.

Miranda earned a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and
completed a year of postgraduate work in Consciousness, Health
and Healing (CHH) from the University of Santa Monica. She has
also studied with internationally renowned Animal Ambassador,
Linda Tellington-Jones, and became a Certified TTOUCH
Practitioner for Companion Animals.

For 32 years, Miranda has maintained a private practice,
integrating her crisis counseling experience, intuitive abilities,
and coaching skills to support both her human and animal clients’

In working with Miranda, meaningful dialogue results between
her human clients and their animals, facilitating a rare glimpse
into the minds and hearts of the animal, helping clients to access
the wonderful wisdom the animals share.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has featured Miranda with a full chapter in his
book The Healing Power of Water. On his website he wrote
about Miranda stating: “Her whole body is like a sensor and a
healing medium. I have always thought that there will be a
woman like this that will appear in front of me, and Miranda is
the one.”
Miranda Alcott, MA, CHH -  Biography