Miranda Alcott, MA, CHH, an Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI), is
pioneering a new form of animal alternative treatment.  It
incorporates Miranda’s medical intuitive abilities “Inner Sight”,
your veterinarians’ medical expertise, and utilizes a wide variety
of modalities of treatments.  This
collaborative service,
combining integrative medicines and healing modalities plus
intuitive abilities, is an extremely powerful and innovative
approach to providing optimal healing and care for your animal.
This highly intensive level of service and collaboration assists in
resolving your animal’s health related issues.  Utilizing the
services of an AMI can be very beneficial, especially with cases
that are challenging to your veterinarian to oncover.  Since 1994,
Miranda has collaborated on many difficult cases with successful
Miranda’s Inner Sight provides direct feedback about each
healing modality in real-time.  She can offer an assessment
regarding whether a treatment needs to be shorter, longer, or
modified for optimal outcomes.  Miranda’s work focuses on
assisting veterinarians providing treatments, by giving potential
insights and clirification regarding current regimens.  Miranda
can also provide insight about the animals emotional responce
to facilitate the deepest level of healing possible.  When Miranda
and veterinarians work together, the effects are likened to
having two or even three treatments in one.
The initial appointment involves assessment and includes
therapeutic suggestions.  The need for follow-up appointments
will be determined at the end of your animal’s first treatment.
Collaborative Services

•        Initial combined AMI and veterinarian consultation, with
possible veterinarian treatment.

•        Post treatment review between the veterinarian and
Miranda, including reviewing of specific herbs, medications and
AMI Services Offered

Utilizing Miranda’s Inner Sight, real-time feedback can be
provided on these, and other healing modalities, as prescribed by
the veterinarian

•    Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Stimulation,
•    Low Level Laser therapies, specializing in Erchonia Lasers
•    Acupuncture & Aquapuncture
•    Cranial Sacral Therapy
•    Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
•    Chinese Herbs
•    Other needed medical treatments
Additional AMI Insights Offered

•    Direct and immediate feedback about the energetic effect of each
treatment, from within the animal

•    Communication to the client and medical staff of pain levels that
may or may not be present in the animal

•    Awareness of the animal’s needs and requests

•    What the animal feels/senses about the reatment/s being