Thank you for inquiring about Miranda’s services.  The
following information is provided to give you more
insight into how she works with your veterinarian
What is an Animal Medical Intuitive?
An Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI) is an experienced
specialist who supports the veterinary process by
collaborating with the veterinarian throughout the initial
consultation, monitoring on-going treatments, and providing
feedback during the actual treatments.
By directing focus to the energetic frequency of an animal, an
AMI is able to gather insights from the individual organs and
systems and receives information via “Inner Sight.”   The
insights gathered this way provide unique information and
guidance regarding the re-direction of energy towards the
animal’s optimal health and balance.
Miranda Alcott, MA, CHH, and the veterinarians she works
with  use an Integrative Medicine approach which can
include, but not limited to:
•        Integrative Medicine
•        Allopathic Medicine
•        Chinese Medicine
•        Aquapuncture
•        Acupuncture
•        AMI monitoring
•        Low-level laser
•        Cranial sacral work
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